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Bacterial Vaginosis

Conventional treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis

Once you are diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis, you will normally start taking over-the-counter products or antibiotics for you. To understand how they will help you, let us understand what is bacterial vaginosis deeper.

The following video talks about pros and cons of antibiotics and natural treatments for bacterial vaginosis.

Read more about natural treatments on this page.

The vagina houses both good and bad bacteria. The "good" bacteria helps your vagina get rid of unwanted organic substances and keeps it clean and healthy. And the "bad" bacteria is the bacteria that is infecting you right now, for example, your Bacterial Vaginosis bacteria.

Now that you understand what is bothering you, you must do something to kill the bad bacteria. That is where your antibiotics are going to help you. And also possibly hurt you.

Antibiotics do not care whether the bacteria is good or bad. They blindly kill all the bacteria including the good ones, and also the bad ones. And this is when the harm starts coming in.

If your BV is chronic, which is the case is almost half the times, then the antibiotics are going to give you temporary relief. You shall often find the vaginosis to recur after 15-30 days of quiet and nice span following the antibiotic. Tough call.

Summary: Treatments with antibiotics such as Metronidazole are effective but the condition may recur !!

Hence, the bottom line is that, in my opinion (and I am not medically qualified but am a real and rational person who likes and is good at observing) antibiotics are reasonable cures for regular bacterial vaginosis but usually fail for the recurring one. This is why natural therapies are good. A natural therapy is the only way that you can enjoy a permanent and completely safe cure. And natural therapies are surprisingly cheap, easy, quick and "non-embarrassing" - you don't have to discuss the symptom here and there. They the best options in the longer run in my opinion.

Having said that, the following are the two best over-the-counter products, plus another one that has been doing well in recent times.
  • Femanol (click here for best price)
    Femanol happens to be a natural pill - a herbal one. This is one of the better natural OTC (over-the-counter) therapies. There are a number of good feedbacks on this, but there are some people who have found it ineffective also. Among the real customer reviews that I have looked into in a reasonable detail, I would say around 70-75% found it to be very effective, and it did not work well at all for the remaining 25-30% of the people. In other words, around 7 cases out of 10 work well with Femanol. The rest don't seem to work at all. So with Femanol, statistical probability is around 0.7-0.75 out of 1 that you shall be cured. Not bad, although the natural remedy recommended on the bacterial vaginosis natural treatment page is much more effective than this.
    Click here for best prices on Femanol

  • Destinol (click here for best price)
    Destinol, just like Femanol, is a natural product pill. If you go for an OTC then Destinol is my second recommendation. The success rate is a little lesser than Femanol based on the reviews that I have found during my research. I would say the success rate is somewhere around 65-70%. Again, if it work with you then you are in for a cure. And again, the natural cure we recommend works better. But still, Destinol is certainly worth considering as an OTC option if you do not prefer the natural method illustrated on this page.
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  • Fem-Dophilus (click here for best price)
    This is another natural (herbal) pill. In recent times, this has found traction and worked well with a lot of people with some excellent feedback (up to 80% positive reviews). If it keeps doing so well over the next year or so then this will become my #1 recommendation in another year or so among the OTC products.
    Fem-Dophilus - click here for best prices
Personally, I prefer natural cure systems. They are the best in terms of effectiveness as well as not affecting your health otherwise as any side-effect. This is my favorite bacterial vaginosis treatment technique across all the options available - a completely natural one: Kristina's system. The success rate I have seen among people is much higher than 90% (close to 98%) with it, which is the best among everything I have found till date.

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