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Bacterial Vaginosis - Why Does Natural Remedy Work?

Permanent BV cure incidents are most often from natural treatments - but they are well-planned, and not any accident

Here I share my understanding of why one can get rid of their bacterial vaginosis using completely natural remedy systems better than anything else in the longer run. Reading what I now understand after my personal study and research on bacterial vaginosis and how that helps people get cured forever is worth only if you want to get rid of your BV in a natural way.

If you have been diagnosed with BV, you would have experienced a vaginal itch and odor with brownish or yellowish/greenish discharge coming out, and/or the other symptoms. As the days progres, it can go from bad to worse if left untreated. The fishy smell that often accompanies the issue makes it embarrassing to face the society in fear of being "found out" and the special one also - the sexual life gets devastated.

Now, the way that the conventional treatment systems work is that they kill the bacteria in the vagina. They kill the good and the bad bacteria alike. This can potentially disbalance the ratio of good to bad bacteria, although one would experience a temporary relief. And after the antibiotic stops, the good bacteria grows back and the bad bacteria also grows back with it often enough. Think about it - you had just killed some bacteria but otherwise had altered fundamentally nothing inside the system, so if the good bacteria could grow back why not the bad bacteria? And once the bad bacteria also grows back, you again are down with your bacterial vaginosis. And this is when you think that your BV is recurring.

But think about it, did you BV ever really go away? No. It was simply suppressed.

After reading the above, do you now understand why BV often turns out to be recurring? That's because, it is never eliminated in the first place, only suppressed.

And this is what a good natural treatment system will take care of. Rather than trying to kill the bacteria by brutal chemical force, it would simply alter the environment inside the vagina so that the bad bacteria dies on its own and does not grow back. Think about it - why did you not have BV at an earlier stage of your life? That's because, your vaginal environment was not conducive of birth of the bad bacteria. Something changed over time, and then your vagina could house the bad bacteria. This change is reversed by the BV natural remedy systems.

What is the change that these systems make? The root cause of the vagina becoming capable of housing the bad bacteria is the change in the pH level (acidity) inside the vagina. So the natural remedy systems undertake the job of restoring your vaginal pH (acidity) back to normal - like it was in the days when you did not have bacterial vaginosis.

And once you reach there, your BV will disappear simply because the bad bacteria that had grown in the undesirable pH (acidity) can no longer survive.

Do you see why going for a natural treatment system makes sense? Also, understand that I am talking about an end-to-end system here, not the methods that would initially arrest your BV. You need to make sure that the BV does not come back too, by maintaining the right level of vaginal pH (acidity). This maintenance also needs to be natural - it simply does not make sense to take medication (chemicals) throughout your life if you can manage better otherwise.

Personally, I like Kristina's system of natural remedy and I recommend it to people asking me about natural treatments for BV. This is Kristina's natural remedy system - click here to find it.

Kristina's system is a guide book (ebook) that goes deep into the root causes of bacterial vaginosis and then details out exactly how to stop and eliminate the BV in 3-5 days (you may find it to take around 7 days in reality, depending upon your condition and severity of your BV). Then it goes further ahead and lays out a detailed guideline on how to stay BV-free naturally after your BV is initially eliminated - this is important because it ensures that your BV never comes back and yet you can do it by making tiny and easy adjustments to your lifestyle and some other natural factors.

Here is the complete guide to eliminate BV naturally by Kristina (CLICK HERE) - I recommend it wholeheartedly. It is copyrighted by Kristina and does not come free of cost. So unfortunately I can not give it away. You need to download it from her website (to visit her site click the link given above). It is, however, worth much more than the price tag (30-something dollars) if you look at the cost of conventional treatment (few hundred dollars), the very high percentage of people getting permanently cured using the system (more than 98% get permanently cured, which is very high, and more so given the state of the art) and the fact that it comes with a money-back guarantee for 2 months (no conventional treatment center would ever offer anything like this).

And here is the free report if you want some detailed idea about what you are going to get in her ebook beforehand (an overview of the flow of Kristina's book is also available here).

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