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Bacterial imbalance in vagina

Bacterial BV diagnosis

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the infections that can be treated with the number of ways and one of the ways is to leave the symptoms to settle down on their own.

For getting the right treatment, it is important to have the bacterial BV diagnosis. Before diagnosis symptoms of bacterial vaginosis needs to be observed like vaginal discharge and vaginal irritation. The excessive release of the bacterial discharge shows for itself that there must be something wrong. Diagnosis is done with the help the lab tests. The whiff test is one of the tests in which the sample of the discharge is being taken with the help of the swab. Potassium hydroxide is being dropped on the slide of microscope that posses the sample of the bacterial discharge. The fishy and smelly odor would start coming out of the sample. This smell is characterized by the infection and is one of the indications that women are going through the infection. Another test that is namely known as clue cell test is utilized in getting to the type of infection. In this sodium chloride is being used in getting the identification that particular women are infected. This solution helps in making these cells clearly visible under the microscope.

Before applying bacterial imbalance in vagina cure, causes are required to be looked into. The infection can be caused by the poor diet intake. If diet intake is good automatically it would strengthen the immunity of the body. This immunity would fight with the bad bacteria and fungus of the body. Also, the body would be recovered from the infection without even implying any of the methods of the treatment. Douching needs to be avoided as it is also one of the causes of the infection. Usage of antibiotics with side effects needs not to be used for prolong time period as they also cause the infection in most of the women. Excessive clearing or washing of the vagina may also favor the bacteria to starts of their growth in the vagina. Then scented soaps and body washes causes irritation and exaggerates the feel of burning in vagina.

Treatment of bacterial imbalance in vagina can be done with the help of the natural remedies. It needs to be treated on time as if we look into the symptoms appearance we come to know that one out of three women is being infected or victimized by the cruel bacteria. The figures show that how the infection is common and persistent in women. Tea tree oil is one of the remedies in this context that is required to be applied on the infected part in diluted form. If it is being used in its crude form then it would cause burning sensation in the vagina. in solution with water, it can be used for having the bath and if it is being used for two to three times in a day then it helps in getting rid of the irritation in a much better way. Water is one of the simplest remedies in treating the infection. If it is being taken in eight to ten glasses in the daily routine then it can eradicate not only harmful bacteria but also other toxic substances out of the body.

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