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Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

Discussions on treatments for bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis, also known as vaginal bacteriosis, is an extremely prevalent bacterial vaginal infection among women. And to be precise about it, this is a problem that is more often observed among women of the child-bearing age rather than young girls or old women. Many a treatment for bacterial vaginosis exist out there but not all are equally effective. Here I shall discuss on the types of BV treatments that are carried out, the fundamental philosophy behind the treatment and the nature of success these treatments for bacterial vaginosis enjoy.

Traditional antibiotic treatment

This is the most intuitive form of treatment, because we are habituated to go for this kind of treatment no matter what the problem is. Bacterial vaginosis has its own treatment using antibiotics. The typical way that these treatments work is that they go ahead and kill all the bacteria infesting the target area. In this case, they would go and clear up the bacterial population of the vagina to the extent that they can. And unfortunately both the healthy and harmful bacteria will be equally impacted since there is no way to filter one and kill the other.

Another catch with this form of treatment is that since the root cause of bacterial vagionsis - the changed pH (acidity) inside the vagina - is not addressed or eliminated, the BV stands a great chance to recur. And it has been observed that in an alarmingly high number of cases, the BV has come back after 2-3 weeks of the initial cure. The cure using this method may be permanent, or it may not be. If the vagina manages to heal itself by controlling the acidity to desirable levels then the cure will be permanent. But since there is no external driver helping the vagina do this adjustment, quite often it does not happen on its own. Hence the bacteria causing the issue grow back and under these circumstances the BV get labeled as recurrent.

Over-the-counter pills

There are a significant number of OTC pills that have hit the market. While some of them are good, it is best to avoid them unless you know very well what you are doing. A number of the pills claim to be herbal, but the reality is that there are too many pills flying around that are not as good as claimed. Some of the pills that are well-known for BV treatment quality include Femanol and Destinol. These pills have been around for quite some time and have helped a high number of people suffering from vaginosos.

Home based natural remedies

The home treatments for bacterial vaginosis are quite popular among women, and more so for chronic versions of BV. There are multiple remedies that work, and some work a lot better than others.

There is a detailed discussion on some of the best home remedies for BV on this page (click here to read it up).

The biggest plus of natural treatments is that they are done at home with self-control using items that we use in daily lives (such as yogurt, cranberry and green tea to name a few) - so they do not leave back any undesirable side effects unless you misuse these treatments. Also, the focus of these treatments is to eliminate the root cause of the problem rather than trying to fix the symptoms. These treatments aim to change the vaginal acidity to a healthy level. This helps the healthy bacteria grow back to the desirable quantities. At the same time, the ambience no longer is conducive for the bad bacteria to grow and reproduce, which immediately leads to the arrest of growth of the unhealthy bacteria. The net result is that the natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis eliminates the real cause of BV, and hence the cure stands a significant chance to become permanent. If one follows the right kind of healthy lifestyle after the cure, the cure does become permanent in most of the cases.

The details are on this page.

So there you are. Now that you are informed about the options of treatment for bacterial vaginosis, it is time to make your choice of treatment and go ahead. We recommend you go for natural treatments, and we have listed some of the best treatments and pointed to some other resources on this page (click here).

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