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Bacterial Vaginosis

What are the causes of Bacterial Vaginosis?

Most often, if the pH balance of your vagina is somehow imbalanced, you would let the bad bacteria grow inside your vagina. So the core solution is to not let the vaginal pH get disbalanced.

Bacterial vaginosis causes are usually attributed to the following.

  • New sex partners - this is an extremely common cause
  • Menopause - this is something that you may want to opt for prevention rather than waiting to get infected and then trying to cure after enduring the pain
  • Thongs
  • Anemia - lack of blood (red blood corpusles) in body

The bottomline is that your vagina is now infected with bacterial and is disturbing the pH balance (the acid-base balance) inside your vagina. Since the vagina is a delicate organ, this balance must be maintained at the right level. Remember, the vagina always has a balance of good and bad bacteria, even in the normal conditions. BV occurs only when the bad bacteria outgrows the good bacteria and the healthy balance of bacteria is destroyed.

Also remember that it is not necessary that you must have had sex to have acquired BV - so just because you are virgin it does not exclude you from being vulnerable to bacterial vaginosis.

There are excellent natural cures that can help you achieve this balance quickly and in the process also fully remove bacterial infection. See, the vagina is a delicate organ and a bad chronic bacterial vaginosis may lead to much deeper problems. Take good care of it and eradicate it at the earliest.

Natural cures work really well for bacterial vaginosis, even better than the normal over-the-counter products and other conventional treatments. Even recurring forms of this problem are cured by natural therapies but do not easily go away, if at all, using over-the-counter products.

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