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Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment Works Well

Bacterial vaginosis is best treated using natural remedies. Cost-effective, fast and reliable, bacterial vaginosis natural treatment does not lead to any other side effect given that you carry out the right kind of treatment rather than a random one. And importantly, both recurring and non-recurring cases of BV can be effectively treated using natural methods. My favorite ones include per-oxide, boric acid and probiotics. Those appear to be most effective. I have referred to a couple of books (priced around just 10 bucks each - and you need any one book only, not multiple) that provide great, systematic guidance, helping readers to build a methodical approach with these natural means. And I have also referred to some supplements, with links to Amazon, that help a lot.

Bacterial vaginosis treatment is best done naturally - why?

It is effective: Bacterial vaginosis treatment is most effective when done naturally - usually the results prove to be a lot better both in the short and long term compared to conventional treatments such as antibiotics.

Fast with no side-effects: This method of treatment produces results fast. You are very likely to start getting relief within the first 3 days and almost certain to experience a big difference to your condition within the first week. And in addition, unlike antibiotics, expect to see no side-effect after the treatment is over.

Based off your home: If the bacterial vaginosis treatment is carried out fully based at home, you don't need to run from pillar to post visiting one specialist to the other.

Inexpensive: The entire process will absolutely inexpensive. Big medical bills can be bypassed, and the effects are long term rather than any recurrences.

Privacy preserving: Bacterial vaginosis natural treatment based at home preserves your privacy and refrains you from needing to show the sensitive area to others.

Some leading natural treatment methods for bacterial vaginosis

Yogurt provides one of the best natural treatments for BV. Yogurt has its own level of acidity that can be transferred to the vagina. One option is to eat yogurt, but a much better and more effective method is to apply yogurt on your vaginal walls. Use a tampon to insert the yogurt - soak the tampon with the plain yogurt and insert it. Remember: avoid flavored yogurt at all costs.

Using apple cedar vinegar is another way to start your BV treatment at home. Since the BV as an issue is caused by reduced vaginal acidity and vinegar is acidic in nature, it will help your vagina regain the desirable level of acidity in a natural way and that will eliminate the harmful bacteria by making the vagina unsuitable for these bacteria.

You may want to drink cranberry juice on an ongoing basis. It is known to have worked well for many women. It leads to a longer term vaginal health although the immediate gains may not be too fast.

Some natural cures for bacterial vaginosis involve detoxifying the body, such as cranberry juice. Cranberry juice works very well when it comes to detoxification. Drinking cranberry juice on a regular basis reduces vaginal problems as a whole.

In addition, there are some other remedies for bacterial vaginosis that involves using elements such as garlic, tea tree oil and other kind sof herbs.

But this is what I recommend for excellent and fast results...

From my overall bag of experience, the best natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis is done using a combination of probiotics along with peroxide douche / boric acid in a systematic manner. And add organic supplements. That's it.

Why so?

Simply because, BV is caused by bad bacteria growing in your vagina, due to pH imbalance. All you need to do is to fix the pH, and the body will heal itself. The fixed pH will automatically kill the bad bacteria and grow the good bacteria back. These methods help you do that. On the other hand, antibiotics will merely kill the bacteria and hope they do not come back. Of course, in reality, once the effect of the antibiotics are gone, the bad bacteria will come back due to the bad pH value (unless your vagina heals itself by a miracle in the meantime), and hence BV becomes recurrent. The natural approaches that fix your vaginal pH will precisely eliminate this fundamental cause of BV and thereby cure you in the longer term.

What next?

Simple, really. Let me summarize below.

1. Get a textbook that will train you on how to use the natural elements such as peroxide, boric acid and hand hold you to be systematic and disciplined (which, of course, is not easy to do over materials you collect from all over the Internet, even though the information is freely available). I refer a couple of books below, but you need to get just one and not both. They cost ballpark 10 bucks, so that's not much money to invest but a lot of bang on the buck to be had.

2. Use probiotics and organic supplements. I have given a few on this page here.

Reference books (buy just any one out of these, not all):

The first book is this: Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Now: Three Days to Freedom, Freshness & Femininity. Below is a snapshot of what the cover looks like, so that you can double-check you are getting the right one.

And here is the other book: Curing Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally: Finally Resolve that Fishy Smell. Below is a snapshot, again, for you to check what it looks like.

Once again, don't get both the books - just get any one of the two. One is long-standing and the other is newer, but both are great. If you are confused for some reason, buy the first one.

List of supplements (again, buy just any one, not all):

Listed here (click here, opens a new tab/window).

And that's it!

Good luck. Get well soon. And please do share the good news once you are good again!

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