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Bacterial infection for women

Incidence and prevention

In its most basic form, it is a vaginal disorder triggered by an overgrowth of microbes and bacteria in the cervix of a woman. This bacterial infection for women is characterized by abnormal and excess outflow of cervical discharge with a bad smelling odor.

Bacterial infection BV causes

Medical scientists have not come up with the precise causes of this bacterial infection for women. However, the main cause behind this is the disparity of the health and harmful bacteria inside the vagina of a woman. There is so much concentration of the detrimental bacteria in the vagina. It is always normal to have both to have both the healthy and harmful bacteria. However, it is best to have more of the health bacterial as compared to the harmful ones.

Other bacterial infection bv causes include the excess applying of perfumed products, over washing of the vagina, smoking of cigarettes, douching, constantly change of sex partners and a low immunity system.

Most of the women will experience noticeable signs of the infection at one time. For others, the infection will just disappear with no medical intervention.


Women who had earlier experienced the signs and symptoms of this condition can be directly identified. An awful, fishy and foul odor liquids, usually accompanied by the squelchy discharge is easily noticed. However, there are those who might not be sure. A medical checkup should be conducted to control the vagina's pH level within the vagina. An infected vagina will have an alkaline PH level rather than the normal acidic state.

A doctor with relevant experience in treating such condition will also be able to notice a thin white discharge coated on the inner walls of the vagina.

What happens when BV is not treated BV is a commonly occurring bacterial infection in females. If you do not seek medical attention during its earlier stages, the condition can develop into a genital inflammatory disease which can even lead to infertility. The condition also poses women to the risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. For those women who are pregnant, the infection can lead to miscarriage or premature births.

Prevention from acquiring it

A diversified personal approach is recommended since the condition is usually in many situations such systematic diseases and micro-organisms. You should strictly avoid any kind of wears that may encourage the production of candida bacteria. Avoid tight wears such as jeans. You should also use condoms during sex to avoid the infection. Having sex with several partners doubles your chances of acquiring the infection. Therefore, you should disengage from such practices of sleeping with multiple partners.

If you notice that the condition is persistent for more than two or three days, then promptly seek medical attention. You should also do the same if you notice that you are prone to frequent outbreaks. The best form of treatment will be the use of natural remedies since they are exceptionally effective. The remedies usually handle the condition in a multifaceted manner and are friendly to the human body. They therefore largely strengthen and support your body immune system.

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