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Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Cure

An outline of Kristina's Guide Book (E-Book)

This was without a question the very best guidebook on elimination of BV using natural methods (at least, in my opinion), detailing out a fast, effective and very inexpensive method, while it was around. I don't know why but Kristina does not sell this book anymore. Hence the review below applies no longer.

The good news is that, alternative books, that also incorporate the knowledge which Kristina had to share along with good systems, have come up. Note that, all the knowledge you will find in any of these books is something you would also find for free on the Internet. But, I still suggest getting a good for for around just 10 bucks or so - as these books encompass the knowledge in totality and then guide you in a disciplined and methodical framework/system. And the cost is less than what you probably would spend at just one of your coffee shop visits.

The books I refer are here on this page, and picking up any one of the two books will suffice, there's no point in getting both. But do pick up one, unless you are (a) exceptionally good in collating information from all over the Internet and (b) exceptionally systematic / methodical / disciplined, that you can pull yourself through the framework without any ongoing day-to-day guidance.

There are three steps to a complete natural cure for bacterial vaginosis, as I had mentioned earlier too. Kristina's guide book taught me the process.

Kristina's guide book (a) lays out a 3-step natural process for eliminating BV to cure it in 3 days, and (b) lays out an easy-to-follow lifestyle (simply speaking, some basic to-dos and to-avoids) that lets one enjoy their life to the fullest and yet remain free from BV.

In fact, Kristina goes a lot deeper than simply outlining the three steps. She goes into all the details, so it becomes easy for one to do it on their own, privately.

Let me disclose whatever I can, while respecting her copyrights.

Pages 5-16 - Kristina gives an overview of BV in terms that all of us can understand, but based on the scientific facts of the issue.

Pages 17-25 - Kristina now describes how the antibiotics work and initially eliminate BV, and why the BV would keep coming back in spite of the initial elimination. In other words, she describes why does BV not go away permanently with antibiotics. If your BV is not going away permanently in spite of antibiotics, then you shall know the real reasons here.

Pages 26-32 - The three-step cure for BV that is completely natural and permanent. Here are the outlines of the three steps:

(Step 1) Using a certain kind of natural douche rather than a random douche, at the right times. This douche involves peroxide, but in a very certain manner (certain method and certain amount) - it is better to read here than at a random website or try to guess based on what many websites tell you (and each has its own opinion). The way that Kristina helps one master the science and art of applying peroxide for BV elimination is amazing.

(Step 2) Using the right kind of natural probiotics to hit the exact level of desired pH in your vagina. She offers a few picks, and explains in detail how to combine.

(Step 3) Supplementing this with the right kind of vitamin balance in your diet, which will ensure that you maintain a specific kind of acid to the desired levels. This will come from your daily food habits - what you eat everyday will be balanced in the right way with the right combination. This will make sure that a certain kind of natural acid is received by your body in adequate amounts, and will lead to your permanent cure.

It is as simple as that. Once cured, the next step, obviously, is to stay cured, easily and naturally, while enjoying life to the fullest. This lays the foundation for the next part of the book.

Pages 33-37 - Now that you have eliminated BV naturally, how to keep the cure permanent, plus enhance the vaginal health. This section is priceless.

Pages 38-49 - How some specific toxins affect BV and how to naturally keep away from the toxins that would affect your vaginal health. Kristina really goes deep into our daily lifestyles here and tells exactly how to stay in the clear water.

Pages 50-58 - Kristina describes how stress and sleep can potentially play a role in bacterial vaginosis, and a list of to-dos to maintain stress levels.

Finally, in pages 59-64, she summarizes and wraps up.

Kristina's natural therapy of bacterial vaginosis describes it in every detail such that one can easily follow the process without asking around any more, and not needing to be embarrassed. It illustrates all the three steps in complete detail, in a 64-page guide book. I have learned a real lot from it on bacterial vaginosis.

Personally, it is the best (non-medical) books that I have come across. If you are suffering, then I suggest that you get it - especially if you think you have had enough. I get a LOT of "thank you" emails for referring to her book. I feel blessed for that.

It does cost money, but it is significantly less expensive compared to traditional treatment. The value it provides cannot be measured by money alone. I strongly recommend it.

Disclaimer: Please note that Kristina's book is not meant to be a medical book or a replace doctor's advice (and nor is this site intended for that). I have based my writing upon real experience of people. That's all.

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