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Bacterial Infection in Women

Know more about the bacterial infections prevalent among women

Among all the infections that people are subject to, it is viral and bacterial infections that are known to be the worst. And there are a few bacterial infections such as bacterial vaginosis that are typical to women. Men do not suffer from these infections. There are some other forms of bacterial infection in women too, but I shall talk about bacterial vaginosis in this article with a view to remaining consistent with the objective of this website.

Bacterial vaginosis, also often called bacterial vaginitis, is one of the most common infections among women caused by bacteria. It is easily the most prevalent vaginal bacterial infection among women of the child-bearing age. There are enough instances when people confuse the symptoms of this infection with the one caused by yeast, but the confusion happens because of unawareness of people rather than the symptoms being too similar.

There are adequate differences between the symptoms of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis in women. The most noticeable and obvious difference is the aroma. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is marked by a foul fishy odor coming out of the vaginal zone of the infected woman. This awful scent will not be observed in cases of the usual yeast infection. One can rather easily identify between the two problems if they understand the differences of symptoms.

The next question that will naturally come up is that how harmful is bacterial vaginosis. At the face of it, this is not a serious problem. However, if not treated and cured permanently, then it could lead to other problems in the longer term. Also note that unless the root cause of this prevalent bacterial infection in women is treated - namely the acidity of the vagina is controlled within the desirable range - it may morph into a chronic bacterial vaginosis.

If you are planning for pregnancy then it is important for you to make sure that you are not suffering from BV. There are risks such as pre-term birth and delivery of under-weight babies associated with BV, as found my multiple studies. In addition, a positive correlation between BV and second trimester miscarriage has also been observed. None of this is good news. So it is recommended that you work on eliminating your BV if you have one before you get pregnant.

The bacteria vaginitis is a problem that you would not want to carry. However, it has been observed that this problem has a tendency to become recurrent. That is, it may come back even if you initially are under the impression that you have eliminated it. In fact, while some women do get cured by the traditional antibiotic treatment, a number of women face the recurrence of BV a week to two after the antibiotic stops. Since antibiotics do not attempt to eliminate the real cause of BV - the changed vaginal acidity - it is not surprising that the cure they provide are often not permanent.

On the other hand, the remedies that take long term effects are the ones that attempt to eradicate the root cause. Bacterial vaginosis home remedies are the natural ones that take this route. With no side effects and with the planned and easy use of items that we see and find in our daily lives, these treatments are the most recommendable ones for a long term cure. The discussions on the following page go into more details: click here.

To wrap it up, BV is one of the most prevalent bacterial infections that women experience. While they do not threaten life, there is enough reason to eliminate the issue. Eliminating the problem is well-carried out using natural means and methods in the longer term.

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