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Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy

Use Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis Completely Forever

If you are looking for a bacterial vaginosis home remedy because you are suffering from it, then you are at one of the appropriate places on the Internet. In this article, I shall (a) discuss some of the many home remedies available for bacterial vaginosis (BV), (b) point you to another page on this website that addresses many more of the popular methods and (c) point you to a (paid) resource on the Internet that provides the best natural treatment for BV I am aware of among the several bacterial vaginosis home remedy systems that I have come across.

Some home remedies for BV

There are a number of home based treatments for vaginitis available.

  • Cranberry juice happens to be one of the most effective natural treatments for BV. You need to drink it. In fact, even if you are not suffering from the bacteria vaginitis you may still consider drinking this on an ongoing basis for improving your overall health as well as vaginal health. It detoxifies, and that helps you both arrest the BV as well as eliminate many other physical problems. But you need to drink this as a regular discipline rather than taking once and forgetting forever.
  • Tree tea oil is said to be great for treating BV. You could mix this with vitamin E oil at1:2 ratios and prepare your own capsule. These also are available at a number of local stored. You could also use this in form of a tampon soak. In this case, the mixture needs to be used to saturate a clean sanitary tampon and then after a short while inserting inside the vagina. Douche with tree tea oil and water mixed at 1:2 ratios can be also used on an ongoing basis for around a month or so.
  • Garlic can be used as a bacterial vaginosis home remedy. Garlic is great at healing a number of different kinds of irritations and BV is not an exception. You may want to soak a tampon in garlic oil with purified water or wrap in gauze and insert the tampon or the gauze inside the vagina. Remember to be careful about letting the gauze hang so that you can pull it out, if you take that route. If the odor of garlic irritates you then you may also want to try out some of the odorless garlic tablets to avoid the irritation.

Another page on this website having further details

While the above are some of the many possible natural treatments for BV, there are many more ways that have proved to be effective. More discussion on this topic can be found on this page (click here).

A wonderful (paid) handbook available on the Internet for bacterial vaginosis home remedy

Not every bacterial vaginosis home remedy is equally effective. Some are better than the others. Also, it is important to follow some rules rather than trying out all the options at random. One of the best books that I have read on the Internet is this (click here). It is a paid book, but provides a very concrete 3-step outline of what to do and what not, to attain a BV-free lifestyle in a week or so. It further details how to maintain a BV-free lifestyle for the benefit of keeping up your long term health.

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