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Bacterial Vagi Symptoms

What are the Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is also often simply labeled as bacterial vagi in short. And there are a significant number of women who suffer from this unfortunate bacterial attack every year. It has been observed that while some of the cases of BV do tend to get cured, there are other cases that do not get cured easily. These run into chronic BV. Before you try to analyze a case that you are interested in, it is important for you to understand and identify the bacterial vagi symptoms correctly, easily and clearly. If you do not identify the symptoms, then you may end up in a wrong diagnosis and then follow it up with undesirable treatment.

Bacterial vagi symptomsinclude some primary ones and a few other secondary ones. The complete list of bacterial vaginosis symptoms are listed on this page (click here). However, let me once more present some of the symptoms that are observed frequently among patients.

The primary BV symptoms are dominated by one particular symptom that is common to most of the cases: a fishy, foul vaginal odor. A horrible smell, rather similar to rotten fish in nature, comes out of the infected vagina to an extent that it can be easily detected outside. Note that it is this smell that makes the infected girls or women feel embarrassed and present a psychological barrier in front of her from participating in social and multi-person events.

Another important primary bacterial vagi symptom is vaginal discharge. The discharge will also smell equally bad - in fact it is the discharge that is the root of the unpleasant smell. The discharge could be whitish, yellow, green or grayish in nature. It is unlikely to be colorless. It makes the infected woman feel uncomfortable in her day-to-day movements. In addition, the discharge volume tends to go up after intercourse.

There are a number of secondary symptoms that are also associated with BV. While the primary symptoms are observed with a significant number of the women, many of the secondary ones may not necessarily show up, or a lot of them could show up, depending upon the actual case. So just because you are not observing some of the secondary symptoms does not imply you do not have the infection.

A swollen vagina with a potential itch is one of the secondary bacterial vagi symptoms observed among a significant fraction of the population facing this problem. Vaginal irritation could be another symptom associated. Intercourses stand a chance to become painful. A burning feeling around the vaginal area associated with painful urination is yet another factor that has been observed with people facing the issue.

As far as treating BV is concerned, there are a number of options. One option that works really well is natural treatment. Home remedies for BV have been popular for a long time, and still remains popular. It is the natural remedies that eliminate the root cause and really cure the problem, while the traditional treatments simply treat the symptoms.

If you are facing bacterial vagi symptoms, then for a detailed discussion on bacterial vaginosis home remedies check out this page.

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