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Bacteria Vaginitis - The Deeper Truths

What is Bacteria Vaginitis? How To eliminate regular and chronic BV?

A number of women facing vaginal discharges tend to ask this question - "Is this a temporary infection or is this something more than that?" They also say, "This stinks, it is too much of a bother." "It smells foul." "Oh it is like a rotten fish." "It is itching down there, and there is a greenish/brownish/yellowish discharge that smells bad." The issue is often not a temporary infection but something known as bacteria vaginitis or more popularly bacterial vaginosis.

Bacteria vaginitis is the less popularly used form of a bacterial vaginal infection, which is better known as bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is a problem observed mostly among women of the child bearing age. It is not as if women who are pre-menarch (girls who are yet to experience their first monthly period) or post-menopause (ladies who are beyond the age of menstrual periods) may not have BV. But most of the women suffering from this form of vaginitis belong to the menstrual age.

A lot more details can be found on the home page of this website about BV on this link: bacterial vaginosis. However, let me summarize it once more here. Bacteria vaginitis is an issue caused by unhealthy bacteria growing inside the vaginal canal. The human vagina will always have bacteria growing inside it. However, not all bacteria are harmful. There are a number of kinds of helpful bacteria as well, and it is these helpful bacteria that habitat inside the vaginal canal. And these good bacteria help keep the health of the vagina as desirable.

One must appreciate that the vaginal canal, like every other place that is wet or contains fluids, has a pH value associated with it. This pH is nothing but an indication of levels of acidity of the female organ. In the child-bearing age, the vaginal canal will remain moist even more due to the hormone factors. So the acidity factor becomes prominent during this age.

Now, if the pH value (that is, the acidity level) changes at some point of time for any reason, what would happen? Naturally, the bacteria that have been growing under the ordinary circumstances will find it difficult to grow back. And the new level of acidity calls for growth of undesirable bacteria. The overall effect is that the desirable bacteria level falls drastically while the undesirable bacteria grow on.

And this is when you have bacteria vaginitis or vaginosis. Clearly, you would want to regulate the pH level inside your vagina to avoid getting into this situation.

Bacterial vaginitis can be treated at home using natural means. While there are a number of proposed home treatments for BV, some of the best treatments are discussed on this page of this website: bacterial vaginosis treatment. There is not one but many a bacterial vaginosis remedy discussed there.

Traditional treatment of BV using OTC and antibiotics also help. The well-known problem with treating BV using antibiotics is that while the antibiotics kill the bad bacteria housing inside the vagina, it does not restore the desirable acidity levels. So unless your vagina recovers to the desirable acidity levels on its own, the vaginosis may come back. This is often the secret of antibiotics failing to treat the chronic bacterial vaginosis while the home remedies work.

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