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How to treat BV at home using home remedies

Many of you may wonder what makes BV home remedies popular. If you are down with a bacterial problem, surely the traditional and most intuitive thing is to go and treated by conventional methodologies such as over-the-counter pills and traditional antibiotics? That is true for most cases including bacterial vaginosis (BV). But then, there are some home-based alternative remedies of BV that have proved to be equally effective as compared to the conventional treatments, if not more.

In fact, if you look at the real life carefully enough, you will be surprised to discover that a serious number of cases of BV turn out to be chronic in nature. This happens in spite of early detection and the traditional treatment. There are far too many instances of the bacteria vaginitis simply refusing to go away with antibiotics. The typical experience women suffering from this issue have is that the BV goes away initially with the treatment; but just when the person starts thinking that the infection is gone forever, it starts coming back. Typically it takes anywhere between 1-3 weeks to come back and recur after apparently going away.

BV it does not become recurrent for no reason. The main reason that it refuses to go away is that with a traditional treatment, bacterial vaginosis is never really treated. What you see as a treatment is in reality the impression of a treatment. To eliminate a problem, you need to eliminate the root cause. Suppressing or temporarily eliminating the symptoms does not help.

And that is where the BV home remedies prove to be effective while the traditional approach to treat the problem often does not. In the traditional approach, the objective is to kill the harmful bacteria that cause the problem. Fixing the conditions that let these bad bacteria grow is never addressed. As a result, unless the vagina fixes the condition on itself (that is, unless the vagina self-heals), the harmful bacteria grow back again. Since the vagina does not end up healing on its own, the number of cases chronic vaginosis shoots up sky-high.

On the other hand the BV home remedies address the root cause to try and fix the real problem rather than trying to fix the symptoms. The basic problem that causes BV is the changed acidity inside the vaginal cavity. The home based natural treatments of vaginal bacteriosis (in case you are wondering, that is the other name that bacterial vaginosis BV is commonly known as) try and fix the acidity to get it back to desirable levels, rather than focusing on killing bacteria.

The details of the most effective natural treatments for BV are discussed on this page.

Once the root condition - change in vaginal acidity - is fixed, the vaginal canal no longer remains a great place for the unhealthy bacteria to grow and reproduce. As a result, the BV gets eliminated fast enough and the good bacteria grow back. Interestingly, since there is no killing of bacteria involved, there is no side effect of the process if you take the right kind of BV home remedies.

Once again, you may want to take a look at this page (click here) to better understand the best bacterial vaginosis treatments that you can carry out at home on yourself and successfully and quickly eliminate your problem using BV home remedies.

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