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Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis

Why does bacterial vaginosis become recurrent? How to prevent and cure recurring BV?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is one of the most commonly found problems among women of child-bearing age. The problem is caused by unfriendly bacteria growing inside the vaginal canal, leading to irritation, fishy and foul smelling green or yellow discharge and possibly a vaginal itch. And it has been observed that too many women get a recurring bacterial vaginosis rather than an ordinary one.

Let us now look at the differences of the non-recurreing version of BV with the recurrent one. In a non-recurring BV, the process is simple. You simply get your regular treatment and get cured. The BV never comes back. Period. A large fraction of BV is of this nature.

But in case of recurring bacterial vaginosis, you may not be so lucky. While after your traditional treatment is over you may start feeling cured, the problem would come back all of a sudden. And every time that you eliminate it, it keeps coming back after one remains healthy for anywhere between a week to a month. So in this case one has chronic BV.

Unfortunately there is no known way (to the best of my knowledge, and I am not a medical professional) to differentiate between recurring BV and a non-recurring one simply by looking at it. It is found that for reasons that are not yet clear enough and agreed upon, BV becomes recurring in some people but does not recur among others.

The reader may find it interesting to understand the core nature of BV. Bacterial vaginosis is caused because of alteration of acidity inside the vagina. The human vagina is home to a high number of bacteria of different types. Under normal circumstances, this is nothing to worry about. In fact, it is a part of the design of human physiology. However, the problem begins when the acidity no longer remains at the expected level.

The moment that the acidity starts deviating from normal, the bacterial proportion inside the vagina experiences imbalance. The ambience no longer remains friendly for the regular bacteria to stay, grow and reproduce. Depending upon the amount of vaginal acidity fluctuation the health-friendly bacteria may be severely challenged. At the same time, the new ambience becomes friendly for other bacteria to start growing, leading to an undesirable situation inside the vagina. And that in turn leads to bacterial vaginosis. Regaining the normal acidity would automatically make it difficult for the bad bacteria to stay and grow, and would help the good bacteria gain grounds. This would eventually translate to cure from BV.

Now that you understand the root cause of bacterial vaginosis, it is easy to see why the traditional treatment does not end up curing BV all the time. Antibiotics used to treat BV are designed to kill the vaginal bacteria. So when the initial bad bacteria die, it appears that the BV is gone. Now if the vagina self-heals to regain the desirable acidity, the cure stays. But often enough the vagina does not self-heal. And that is when the BV becomes recurrent.

So now you know the real mystery behind recurring bacterial vaginosis, you would really known how to eliminate it, at least at a level of understanding. If you didn't realize it yet, here it is: all that you need to do is restore the vaginal acidity levels to the desirable range.

The antibiotics may not really solve it for you if they have not done it already. Because if you have already used them but happen to have recurring bacterial vaginosis then that essentially means your vagina did not self-heal, and there is no real reason to believe that it will

But this is still not a panic scenario. What you need to do under such circumstances is help your body self-heal. How?

You would want to examine your lifestyle and align it in a manner that your vaginal acidity becomes normal again. This can be done via natural means. There are enough natural foods, drinks and means that help the overall process. There are a few key factors and some other helping factors for natural treatment of recurring bacterial vaginosis. And that is the best known method which has proved to be successful with high number of women facing the issue.

Bacterial vaginosis home remedies using natural methods are discussed in details on this page.

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