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Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

How to treat bacterial vaginosis? Is treating BV easy?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is one of the most common vaginal infections of women of child-bearing age caused by bacteria. Treating bacterial vaginosis is important for maintaining one's overall health. While this is not a life-taking problem at large, it is an extremely irritating one. In addition BV has been believed to be responsible for causing pre-term delivery and giving birth to smaller babies. So it is better to get rid of BV than to carry it along.

The most popular treatment for BV is the traditional one. It normally works, unless your BV is chronic. Treating recurrent bacterial vaginosis has not known to be too successful with the conventional antibiotics. The reason is that the traditional method of treating bacterial vaginosis is to kill the bacteria causing the problem and then hoping that the infection never comes back. Now if the bacteria indeed never come back then the BV is gone for good. If not then the person will again go down with BV.

The reason of the uncertainty mentioned above is because the antibiotics are not really designed to treat BV. They are designed to kill bacteria. There is a very fundamental difference between the two: antibiotics cure BV because they end up also killing the bacteria causing BV along with killing other bacteria. However, the changed acidity level that is responsible for the BV is never really treated. Unless the vagina heals on its own the BV will come back in all probability.

So for treating bacterial vaginosis what you really need is a treatment that will heal the root cause of BV rather than simply killing the bacteria. There are some OTC pills that are made from natural herbs and have been seen to work with decent levels of success. Some of the best pills that are available OTC are Destinol and Femanol. They have stood the test of time and have enjoyed good success rates.

One of the best ways to treat BV in my opinion (and I am not a medical professional so please use your own judgment rather than taking my words) is to go for natural treatments. The reason is simple: you need to eliminate the root cause of BV. Look at it - bacterial vaginosis is caused because of a change in vaginal acidity that lets the external microbes attack you.

So treating bacterial vaginosis will be best done if you attain the desirable acidity levels inside your vagina. Plus, you shall remain free from the bacteria vaginitis in the longer term if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the acidity level within the desirable ranges. This is best done naturally over the longer term rather than using pills or medicine. It needs an initial shot of a healthy set of natural ingredients to arrest the BV. And then to remain healthy in the longer term it calls for sticking to a set of disciplines involving simple natural techniques that can be easily followed once you learn them, without practically touching upon your lifestyle.

I discuss bacterial vaginosis treatments using natural methods right at home on this page (click here to read).

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