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Vaginal Bacteria - An Introduction

Causes, Treatment and Protections Related to Vaginal Bacteria

The human vagina houses a significant number of types of bacteria. And the number of such bacteria is well beyond millions. So as you see, we are talking about a significant number of microbes here. And understanding the nature of vaginal bacteria is a key factor in maintaining one's health and protecting oneself from problems such as bacterial vaginosis. The presence and nature of vaginal bacteria is discussed on this page from a "real life" perspective and not from a scientist's view.

While the scientists have found a high number of types of bacteria inside the vagina and have classified them by the traditional scientific methods, from a practical point of view it is of more interest to better understand the nature of the bacteria and what that means for an ordinary human being. In terms of helpfulness, the vaginal bacteria are classified into two: the good or healthy bacteria and the bad or harmful bacteria. Naturally, you would want the good or the healthy bacteria to grow and remain and the bad or unhealthy bacteria to go away.

To be really precise about it, what you also need is a balance of all the good bacteria. You do not want some of them to irrationally outgrow other ones. So essentially the aim of a human being should be to maintain the vaginal health such that the condition remains favorable to the healthy bacteria but become difficult for the other ones.

The acidity level inside the human vagina plays a crucial role in determining the overall health of the organ. If the acidity level is not at the desirable levels then the ratio of the bacteria starts changing. You no longer would have the good bacteria dominating over the bad ones. The changed acidity stands a great chance to make the place inhabitable for the good bacteria but a nice and cozy place for the bad ones to grow.

And that is when bacterial vaginosis occurs. The vaginal bacteria count in this situation is no longer dominated by the good ones; it is dominated by the ones that you would want at the very minimum.

So it is important to get back the desirable acidity levels inside the vaginal cavity. Bacterial vaginosis natural treatments help you do just that - get back the desirable acidity levels. That automatically takes care of eliminating the vaginal bacteria that is not desirable, and nurturing the bacteria that is good for health.

For further details on bacterial vaginosis, one of the most significant problems caused by vaginal bacteria, please head over to this page. And for bacterial vaginosis treatment you would want to check out this page.

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