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Vaginosis - Introduction

What is Vaginosis? What causes it? How to Identify and Elimiante?

Vaginosis, as clear from the name, is an infection of the vagina. In our context, it is the infection of the human vagina. There could be a number of reasons that a human being could have a vaginal infection. Yeast and bacteria happen to be two of the most commonly observed reasons of such infection. Yeast infection could happen in other organs as well as among males. But the bacterial one is predominant in the females only. The infection of the female vagina caused by bacteria is popularly known as bacterial vaginosis or vaginal bacteriosis.

Many people refer to bacterial vaginosis (BV) simply as vaginosis. The other common terminology used for the same infection is bacteria vaginitis. No matter how one prefers to label the problem, it remains one of the most predominant bacterial issues that the female reproductive organ experiences in the human race. A lot more detail has been discussed on this page.

Symotoms of vaginosis: Bacterial vaginosis can be recognized by a fishy and foul odor originating from the infected organ. It is most often associated with a greenish or yellowish discharge. The discharge also bears the foul smell, and in fact it is known to inject a sense of "fear of being found out" the person experiencing the problem for which they could tend to try and remain in social isolation. The secondary symptoms include an itchy and swollen vagina, a burning sensation and more so during urination, and an increase in discharge post-intercourse.

Causes of vaginosis: While bacterial vaginosis is caused by bacteria, but it is interesting to note that the fundamental problem associated with this issue is not the offending bacteria. It is the vaginal health and ambience, in particular the acidity level of the vagina, that is the real issue. BV occurs when the human vagina experiences a level of acidity that is outside the normal range.

Cure of vaginosis: So in order to overcome the problem, the real solution is to fix the acidity (pH) rather than simply kill the bacteria and hope to recover. Killing the bacteria is helpful to the extent that it frees the infected organ from the bacteria on a temporary basis. So if the vagina self-heals by the time the harmful bacteria come back, the vaginosis would get cured. But more often than not, the self-healing does not happen automatically. So the bad bacteria come back and the problem appears to be chronic.

The real cure, thus, is to instantiate the desirable levels of acidity inside the vagina. The desirable acidity level would make it difficult for the unwanted bacteria to survive and grow in numbers. This can be done right at home, using natural techniques. In fact, as long as a good guideline is followed, a natural treatment is a recommendable option for treating vaginosis. These methods leave no side effect, and attempt to eliminate the root cause by trying to fix the vaginal acidity level changes rather than blindly killing the offending bacteria.

More details of bacterial vaginosis home remedies are discussed on this page.

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