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What is Vaginitis

Introduction to vaginitis. Identifying the problem. Methods of elimination.

The human vagina is a soft and delicate organ. It is one of the organs that need utmost care. This organ is critical for the human being to reproduce and keep its existence. So the importance of the vagina can be hardly ever downplayed. Being vulnerable to a number of potential attacks, the human vagina requires protection. Vaginitis, or vaginosis, is one of the most prevalent issues that the human vagina faces. If you are wondering about what is vaginitis, then read on.

Simply put, vaginitis is an infection faced by the human vagina. The most prevalent form of vaginitis is caused by overgrowth of undesirable bacteria inside the vaginal canal. This condition is also known as bacterial vaginosis (BV) or vaginal bacteriosis. This is a problem predominantly faced by women of child-bearing age, although girls of menarche age and women of menopausal age are also prone to the problem.

The underlying reason of bacterial vaginosis is the change in levels of acidity inside the vagina. While a number of scientific research works have been conducted, there is no real agreement upon the scientists upon the real cause of the problem. Whatever the real cause might be, the direct cause of vaginitis is the changed level of acidity inside the vaginal canal.

The changed level of acidity plays a key role in changing the ratio of desirable bacteria to undesirable ones. In fact, the millions of desirable bacteria that house inside the vagina start getting wiped out in unfavorable living conditions (changed vaginal acidity) and new unhealthy bacteria replace these desirable ones. This morphs into the vaginitis or vaginosis.

Now that you understand what is vaginitis, it is important for you to understand how to protect yourself against the problem. And if you are already suffering from the problem then it is important for you to get rid of it. As may be obvious from the above discussion, you require changing the condition inside your vagina so that the desirable acidity levels are restored. This in turn will eliminate the unfavorable bacteria that had caved their way in during your abnormal vaginal acidity conditions and will favor the growth of the desirable bacteria.

Why, then, does vaginitis become chronic? It becomes chronic in absence of real treatment. Most of the times, the way this problem is approached is unfortunately to try and kill all the vaginal bacteria. Antibiotics are used often enough. However, killing the bacteria does not change the vaginal acidity conditions. And thus unless the vagina cures itself by automatically restoring its acidity, the bacteria grows back again. As a result, the vaginosis is often seen to recur after around one week to one month of going away.

However, there are a number of techniques, including well-defined treatment plans, to eliminate the bacterial vaginosis naturally. The objective of those treatments is to fix the vaginal acidity level and thus arrest the BV from growing further. Bacterial vaginosis home treatment is a standard approach, and a huge number of people prefer following this rather than running from pillar to post and never getting cured - they avoid a lot of embarrassment and hassle in the process.

Now that you have a clear idea on what is vaginitis and what are the real causes, you may want to find more details about the natural treatments for BV on this page.

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